We publish in the issue the Decisions of the Holy Synod of Russian Orthodox Church as official documents confirming the present canonical status of Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church and containing the materials on glorification of saint martyrs of the Boxer's rebellion. The article of Dr. Alexander Lomanov The Early Christian Teaching in China devoted to the teaching of Christianity in the early age, describes the works of missionaries in the West and Central China and interrelations between Christianity and Buddhism in Chinese Empire (in the period of dissemination). It is followed by study of Rev. Peter Ivanov The Orthodox Translations of the New Testament into Chinese dedicated to the history of translations of the New Testament into Chinese. It is the first article on differences of Orthodox translations from the most famous western ones. The article of Rev. Dionisii Pozdnyaev The ecclesiastical schools in Manchukuo deals with Orthodox spiritual education in Harbin eparchy during Japanese occupation of Manchuria. Unofficial Orthodox Mission to China, the work by reader Timothy Beach (tr. from English), tells about the life of orthodox Christians in Harbin at the end of 80-th as it revealed to the orthodox American. We also published for the first time the Service to 222 Chinese Orthodox Martyrs of the ichatuan's rebellion, local saints hallowed by Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church.