The issue is devoted to the centenary of the Orthodox Chinese martyrdom suffered in the Boxers rebbellion. Narration about Chinese Orthodox Martyrs, who Suffered in Beijing In 1900 opens the issue. The article A Church Built on the Blood of Martyrs by Rev. Dionisy Pozdnyaev deals with the same theme.

In the column From History of Chinese Orthodoxy we publish the article Bishop Innocenty (Figurovsky). Beginning of a New Period in a History of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing by historian V.G. Datzyshen from Krasnoyarsk.

The translation of the article Chinese Mind is placed in the column Christianity and the Chinese Culture. The article represents the record of the lectures read by hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) in California.

In the column Christianity In Modern China we publish Agape, Jen and Struggle In 20th Century Christianity In China by Julia Ching, well known researcher of the Chinese philosophy. In the same column we place the article by . Kozlova The Modern Sermon of Roman Catholic Church In China, which is based on the materials of the 3d European China Catholic Conference.

The new column Religious Traditions In China is opened with the article of priest Peter Ivanov A New Chinese Sect Falungong. A theologic analysis of the religious doctrine of this sect is represented for the first time. The article by . Yurkevitch Chinese Martial Arts and the Orthodox Mentality (to statement the problem) is placed in the column.

In this issue we open a new column The Service Texts In Chinese with the article Concerning the Principles of Translation of the Service Books into Chinese Language by novice Petco (Khinov). Here we publish The Catechism and The Creed translated into Chinese by the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing in the 19-20th centuries.